LexTownOperation.com features the hip hop/rap music of LexTownOperation out of Lexington, KY. LTO originally began in 2014 during nightly rounds of free style rap among senior high friends who shared a love for music. The original group included D. Lee, Sherb, Nizzy, Buckman, Vonny, and Matt Day, who joined with best friend and music producer Caleb Hallett to create LTO in 2015.

They assembled a home studio on University Ave near the UK campus during their freshman year in college and began recording original tracks. Tragically, Caleb was fatally shot January 9, 2016 at the age of 18 during a robbery just outside their studio and died in their arms. Although Caleb’s death was and continues to be a deeply devastating loss, the members of LTO have channeled their grief into music.  They wrote The Message to honor him at his funeral along with tracks Why  and Leb’s Free which where performed at the Hip Hop for the Hallets benefit concert. Currently, they continue to Live4Leb and to carry on his passion for life and music as they strive to make a difference in the world through the creation of socially conscious hip hop/rap.


Caleb Hallet Memorial T-Shirt Rap Music

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