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Hip Hop for the Halletts Benefit Concert


Hip Hop for the Halletts


Saturday night’s concert at the Fusion Gallery was a great success! Over 200 people braved the 18 degree weather and came out to honor Caleb Hallett at the benefit concert. Three main groups performed: F.O.E., TSODB, and L.T.O. and there was a round of freestyle afterward the main concert. ALL the groups were amazing – the sound was high fidelity, the energy at The Fusion Gallery was exciting and you could feel the connection between everyone in the crowd! Caleb Hallett’s momma was front and center during the performances and his whole family attended, including his brothers Bryson and Chandler and sister Chastity. Each group discussed coming together and ending the gun violence that has been erupting in Lexington and that resulted in the death of the talented and visionary Caleb Hallet.

The cover charge was $5 and there were beautiful memorial t-shirts with Caleb’s image for only $10. In addition, the Fusion Gallery was kind enough to donate a gorgeous painting for raffle which was held after the concert. The Fusion Gallery also announced they would be donating half of their computer business sales to the Hallet family for the remainder of February. All proceeds from the aforementioned went to the Hallet family as well.

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We will be posting linked videos of the show in the next couple of days so stay tuned to check out the high energy guys who are making a new wave of hip hop music happen in Lexington to carry on the legacy of hip hop/rap for their musical brother, Caleb Hallett.

First group up was F.O.E., Featuring JD Price. It is hard to believe this was his first time performing in public – he did a wonderful job!

The next group that performed was off the hook as well. TSODB brought some amazing energy to the concert! TSODB includes: Leo Watson, Walter Clay Cox, Foster Rogers, Tiny Francis (Alex) and Ryan Hatcher. They have a subgroup named The Allumni that includes: Leo Watson, Walter Clay Cox and Foster Rogers.

Finally, L.T.O. got up and killed it with several songs written with their best friend and producer, Caleb Hallet, as well as several tribute songs they wrote in his honor. DLee, Nizzy Neal and Keegan Gassett are featured in this video.


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